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Silk Wedding Bouquets vs. Live Flowers

  1. Silk wedding bouquets are non - allergenic.
  2. They are always in season.
  3. Silk wedding bouquets are lighter to carry than live bouquets.
  4. The ceremony or reception venue can be decorated in advance.
  5. Wedding photos can be taken in advance.
  6. They can be packed in luggage for cruise or destination weddings.
  7. Silk flowers are no problem getting through customs.
  8. They are Non - fragrant, no odor.
  9. No water stains to ruin dresses like from live flowers.
  10. Silk wedding bouquets can be kept as keepsakes and passed down to other family.
  11. They won't wither in the heat making ideal for outdoor ceremonies.
  12. Will not attract insects.
  13. No refrigeration or special care is needed prior to the wedding.
  14. Silk wedding bouquets can be ordered in advance and stored until they're used.
  15. You and your bridesmaids will have a keepsake from your big day!