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An Alternative To Throwing The Bouquet

Posted on August 10, 2019 at 12:55 AM

Everyone has heard of the bride throwing the bouquet to a crowd of single ladies at a wedding. Yet very few people have heard of unlocking the bouquet. I hadn't either, but this is how it goes:

The MC makes an announcement inviting all of the single ladies to stand in the middle of the floor.  All of the women gather around the brides bouquet that is inside a clear acrylic box with a chain around it and a padlock. The bride passes out a different key to all of the ladies but only one actually unlockes the box! You can place all of the keys in a velvet bag and walk up to each woman and let her draw her own key. This will ensure that it is not biased and you can not give a particular woman the winning key. Every woman is allowed to walk up to the bouquet box to try their key. Whose ever key unlocks the box gets to keep the bouquet. This little game is fun and interesting because it builds up a lot of suspense. It is safer because there is no risk of people falling or fighting over your bouquet!

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