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Biggest Mistake When Buying A Wedding Gown

Posted on July 18, 2019 at 3:45 PM

The biggest mistake when it comes to buying a dress for a wedding are ignoring your measurements. As women when we are in a store where there are offers of clothes or we see a garment that we like a lot, sometimes without thinking more than once, we buy it and when it comes to putting it on, we realize that it is either very tight or very loose. In  order to choose the right dress for your wedding it is preferable that you take your measurments before buying. The mistake that 80% of brides frequently make when buying a dress is to choose a size smaller than they really are, wearing a dress that makes them look very tight and highlighting the stuffed and voluptuous parts of their body. Do not think that a week before the wedding you can lose weight and that you'll fit the dress that you had bought in a smaller size. Do not fool yourself and choose a wedding dress that fits. You have to wear it all day so you need to feel comfortable!

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