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How To Tell When Wedding Planning Is Too Stressful

Posted on March 13, 2019 at 12:40 AM

- You use all of your lunch breaks at work to do wedding related tasks.

When you skip meals it is bad for your mood and your blood sugar. This can lead to exaggerated emotions and higher stress levels.

How to fix this: Set a limit on how often you can skip lunch to take care of wedding tasks. Limit wedding related lunch breaks to once per week. If you have to skip lunch, keep some sort of protein on hand (like nuts and cheese) to get you through the afternoon. 

- Your relationship with him is becomming strained and he keeps suggesting eloping!

Wedding planning should be fun and not stressful. Eventhough your future husband may not even be directly involved in planning, but mentioned how excited he is for the process to be over so he can stop hearing about it (ouch).

How to fix this: If your stress is causing a strain on your relationship, then that's a big indication you need to relax and have a nice date night with your partner, without talking about any wedding related issues. Don't even bring it up.


- You start questioning all of your decisions and doubting your own taste.

It's a major sign that you're overthinking things when you start wanting to trash all of your original ideas. Better yet, you can't decide on new ones either!

How to fix this: If doubts start creeping in, stop wedding planning for at least one week. When you resume, you will have a clearer mind and perspective. Your mind will be flooded with fresh, new ideas. You'll have a better idea of which doubts were truly valid and which ones were just a product of your anxiety or over thinking.

- You start procrastinating on the tasks that really need to get done.

If you're finding yourself starting to neglect major wedding planning tasks, you probably don't even realize how overwhelmed you really are.

How to fix this: If your wedding date is close and your to-do-list looks impossible to tackle, start with the things that are easy and fun. Try cake tasting or go shopping for your wedding shoes. When you start having a few things checked off your list the rest of it will seem more doable.

- It stops being fun :(

If you start focusing on negative stuff - for example, the number of guests who RSVP'd "no rather than the positive stuff like the fact that you'll be married to the love of your life at the end of all of this, something has to change.

How to fix this: Come up with a mantra that will help you look at the bright side. Reflecting on the fact of why you're actually doing all of this, because you love him. This should bring you a sense of calm. Wedding planning should be thrilling and sublime, never stressful. This is a major event in your life that happens only once so don't let this exciting time go to waste.

Need To Loose Weight Before Your Wedding? - Read This Book!

Posted on October 8, 2018 at 3:35 PM

I ran across the book pictured below on the internet, "How to Lose Weight in Time for Your Wedding". Click the link below for more information on amazon:


Weight Loss and Flu Buster

Posted on February 22, 2018 at 1:30 PM

*This Information is not intended to cure or treat any disease or medical condition. Please contact your physician before taking any vitamins or supplements.

So your planning a wedding, busy and stressed out during the most daunting time of the year; cold and flu season. So what do you do to arm yourself from getting sick, besides the obvious of thourough hand washing and getting an annual flu shot? You find a great vitamin. I take Andrew Lessmans Vitamin B-12 500 (pictured below). It is sold on HSN.com and belive me it really works. I have been taking it now for about 4 months and I have noticed a few improved points in my overall health. I have literally about 5X as much energy throughout the day and my appitite has reduced considerably! I had lost about six pounds and I wasn't even dieting. After I noticed the reduction of my appitite I did a littile digging and found out that vitiman B-12 aids in weight loss. If you google vitamin B-12 and weight loss you can find more information about that. Also, every season I always get some sort of sniffles but this year I was as healthy as a horse. Not getting a cold really surprised me because I'm always on the go and I must say that I didn't get a flu shot either. So, for any bride that needs to keep her energy up and weight down talk to your doctor about trying vitamin B-12.