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Specialty Napkin Folding

Posted on August 30, 2018 at 12:25 AM

The above photo is from Dan & Melissa Woodrow's wedding that we planned in 2016. Many brides have been requesting me to post information about napkin folding after they saw this picture. Click the link below to napkinfoldingguide.com to learn more about the rosebud napkin fold and other techniques.

Brides and Grooms - Don't Play With The Cake!

Posted on August 18, 2018 at 12:50 AM

Smearing each other with cake has always seemed like a disrespectful and uncaring way to treat each other. The moment of cutting the cake should be taken seriously because #1 - your in front of a large crowd and #2 - you shouldn't want to mess up your wedding pictures. This moment will give your guests a glimpse into your relationship in a way that other situations can. A couple is already nervous because of the occasion, having to be in front of an audience all day and we all know that sometimes nerves can bring out the worst in us. The cake cutting is done close to the end of a long experience so any "Happy" pretending which has been taking place is more likely to diminish as the evening goes on. The moment requires the couple to do something which is not a normal activity.

While most cake exchanges are playful, cute, gentle, and respectful, some of them get ugly. The cake cutting experience can show the world if your future marriage is in trouble. So think about how you would want your relationship to be perceived before your wedding day. Studies have shown that gentleness is a trait of a healthy marriage. Specifically, men need to be gentle with their wives. Your strength should be used for the well being of your spouse, not to their disparage. When someone uses an extreme amount of force when they are supposed to be happy in public, it makes me wonder what they would do when they get angry and are in private!

Hottest Bridal Color Of 2018 Is?

Posted on August 15, 2018 at 3:15 PM

And the color is......   PANTONE 18-3838 Ultra Violet! If this color is too much for you to handle, you can always incorporate various shades of purple in your wedding and still be cool. Check out the link below to Pantone's website for more information.


My Top 5 Wedding Venues In Chicago

Posted on October 8, 2017 at 3:55 PM

Venue One (venueonechicago.com)

Downtown Chicago is home to the contemporary and stylish, Venue One. This accommodating venue goes above and beyond to make sure every aspect and detail of your wedding is perfect. Sweeping skyline views bring a dazzling vibe to your event. Modern, trendy, and stylish weddings are what Venue One is known for and they continue to wow brides by delivering a captivating look and feel to each wedding they host.

Loft On Lake (www.loftonlake.com)

Loft on Lake is a highly romantic venue located in downtown Chicago with high raves and recommendations. The brick interior and oak wood arches combined with cozy lighting create a very intimate atmosphere-- perfect for a small ceremony or a large reception. The key feature is the ceiling with a massive skylight, which brings light and depth to this gorgeous space. Loft on Lake is perfect for an elegant, urban, loft style wedding with a relaxed feel, check out their website to learn more about the space and how the team at Loft on Lake can make your wedding truly remarkable.

The Murphy (www.the-murphy.com)

As soon as you step foot into The Murphy, the exquisite beauty and grand luxuriousness will leave you speechless. Built in 1926 with a french renaissance style, The Murphy is undeniably one of chicago’s finest architectural jewels. The four story highlighted dome embellished with gold leaf detailing, stained glass, and a lavish Paris feel oozes glamour and opulence. Nothing but high recommendations surround this historic and lavishly beautiful venue. If you’re looking for glitz and glamour, schedule a visit to tour The Murphy for your wedding today!

Room 1520 (www.room1520.com)

Room 1520 is an exclusively urban and historically versatile premiere venue located in the heart of the artistic West Loop neighborhood of Chicago. This polished loft building has a spacious foyer which is graced with a grand artisan staircase that leads you to a private loft space with high ceilings and Italian crystal chandeliers. The flexibility of this 4000 square foot, raw urban venue allows you to use it’s existing minimalist charm or customize and create a more elaborate setting. Room 1520 is an airy, urban loft venue which is perfect for an ultra elegant and chic wedding event.

The Crystal Gardens (crystalgardenscatering.com)

The Crystal Gardens, located on Chicago’s famous Navy Pier, is a 6 story glass atrium that combines the wonder of the outdoors with the ease and predictability of the indoors. This spacious botanical garden is filled with palm trees, lush foliage, and soothing fountains which create a majestic ambience. Some even refer to The Crystal Gardens as the pocket of paradise in the city. Spectacular views of the Chicago skyline, Lake Michigan, the Ferris Wheel, and Navy Pier’s Dock Street make for beautiful backdrops. The Crystal Gardens is a wonderfully unique wedding venue that is full of magical surprises to make your wedding day stand out.

(*This info was obtained from www.wedding-spot.com)

How Do You Occupy Guests When The Wedding And Reception Times Are Far Apart?

Posted on August 24, 2016 at 11:20 AM

This is acually a common situation that many couples encounter when plannimg their wedding. Especially if the wedding ceremony is in the morning and the reception isn't until later that evening. A great idea would be that someone from the grooms' family invite the guests over to their house for drinks and coffee in between the ceremony and reception. Remeber it can't be your Maid of Honor or another member of your wedding party because they will all be with you and the groom taking pictures.

If a family member is not able to do it than maybe another person who has been significantly helpful during this time can be the host or hostess. You just need somewhere for guests to go and gather so that they won't be board. Plus, this would be ideal for the guests who have come in from out of town for the wedding. The setup doesn't need to be anything fancy. It can even be at a bar or a restaurant. If you choose to do something like this, remember to include a separate card with your invitations that asks them to join your host immediately following the ceremony with the adress of the gathering spot. 

Topics That Should Be Discussed During The Meeting With The Officiant Before Your Wedding

Posted on August 23, 2016 at 10:45 AM

There are quite a few things that need to be gone over with your officiant before your wedding day. First, confirm the wedding date. Find out if there will be another wedding on the same day as yours because if so you may run into schedule problems. If your wedding is first, your ceremony may have to be rushed through to make time for the next one. If your wedding is last, your guests might have to wait for the previous ceremony to finnish up before they can come in. If one of these sinerios are the case, you may want to choose another wedding date!

Ask if you need to fill any premarriage requirements. A lot of faiths require an engaged couple to complete seminars or classes that are faith based. If the two of you do not belong to the same church ask if you need to provide proof of baptism and confirmation certificates. The officiant may ask you to complete a marriage application or sign a Letter of Intention to Marry. You and your fiance may be asked a series of questions about your relationship, goals, faith and commitment to validate that the both of you are serious about marriage. 

Also, there are a lot of small details to confirm as well. If you will be having a soloist, make sure to ask where he or she should stand. Ask if there are any restrictions on decorations. I have found out that many churches do have restrictions. The church that my sister was married in did not allow any flower arrangements. Luckly the wedding was right after Easter therefore, there were many beautiful arrangements of Easter lilies and other plants in her wedding pictures! Ask if the church will provide an aisle runner or if one is permitted at all. If the wedding is in the late spring / summer make sure the church is air-conditioned or well ventilated. Ask which of the following is permitted to be tossed after the ceremony; birdseed, blowing bubles, releasing balloons or birds. Inquire about parking to make sure there is adequate parking spaces to accomodate your guests and reserve a time for your wedding rehersal.

Ways To Save Money On Drinks For Your Wedding Reception

Posted on July 5, 2016 at 11:40 AM
Providing alcoholic drinks can be very expensive when factoring it into the budget for your wedding. There are a few ways that you can cut the costs while still providing quality drinks at your wedding reception. For example, instead of having a full open bar you can save money by just offering wine and beer, or have a free cocktail hour and a cash hour after it.  It would be more cost efficient to purchase a keg of beer but any leftover beer will go to waste. If you have extra bottles or cans they can be stored up to six months. 

If you rent a venue for your wedding reception, see if you can supply your own alcohol instead of using the venue's stock, that is a way to save a lot of money. Purchase basic drinks from a discount liquor store in your area. Only buy some red and white wines and a few varities of beer to serve. If you want your bar to be a full bar instead, purchase a varity of standard liquors like rum, whiskey, vodka, gin, a few mixers and some soft drinks such as juice and sodas. Remember, overestimate and buy more drinks than you think you will really need. The last thing you want to happen is to run out of drinks before your wedding reception is over!

Popular Wedding Rental Items

Posted on July 2, 2016 at 12:45 AM

Many sophisticated wedding venues have a good variety of items such as china, flatware, stemware, tents, tables and chairs, table linens in a variety of beautiful styles and colors. In your wedding package you should have a choice of the essentials for your wedding reception, without needing to spend extra money on those items. You may be able to rent items from the wedding venue like chairs and table linen that coordindate with your theme. Consult with the wedding venue manager before purchasing these type of items from other sources. They can advise you on a drop off and pickup schedule for your rental items as well as any restrictions that the wedding venue might have on any particular items.

These are a few of the top wedding rental themes for 2016:

Blush and pale colors are popular for 2016 weddings so blush colored wedding linen rentals are very popular, or they can be chosen from the wedding venues' supply if available.

Any china or stemware trimmed in gold for a luxurious feel.


Any item that is vintage. Linens and fabric décor that has lace or pearls is popular because the vintage wedding look is a top trend.

Lighting trends such as chandeliers and projecting lights. Another popular trend are a string of accent lights around the wedding cake. Projecting lighting effects can be pointed at the venues ceiling to create a starry night effect or it could be of the bride and grooms initials.


Photo booths are a top wedding trend. Some companies have even added new features to them like a vintage filter, these are great for vintage inspired or shabby chic wedding themes!

Specialty food features like a popcorn or a cotton candy machine.

Renting potted trees from nurseries or gardens and adding lights for a romantic effect.

Renting signs that coordinate with the wedding theme, placed throughout the reception grounds and inside the venue.

Tips For An Easy Wedding Reception Seating Arrangement

Posted on July 1, 2016 at 10:05 PM

Creating the reception seating chart is one of the most stressful wedding planning tasks a couple can do. A lot of people's feelings have to be taken in consideration, for example not seating exes at the same table. Or different family members that don't get along and they can't be seated together either. These are some tips to follow that will help when making your wedding seating chart. 

Every tabled oes not have to be the same size. You can have tables with eight or ten seats. It's more on-trend to have tables of different shapes, sizes and even different heights. 

Another trend is seating your guests at long tables that have long floral arrangements and candelabras extending the length of the table. This is a dramatic effect that can't be achieved with round tables. You can group guests more easily and they will be happier too. If there are people there who haven't seen each other in a long time they will be sitting closer together at a long table. That would be better than sitting across the room at seperate tables. 


Do not have a singles table. Most people already feel self conscious about not having someone to bring with them to your wedding. Seat single people with other couples with no more than one or two other single people at the table.

If your parents are divorced, separated, remarried or bringing a date to your wedding, have more than two parents tables. You can have up to four parents tables if you need to, with each parent getting his or her own table. You can seat the grandparents or other relatives or close friends at the tables with them.

Bridal Party Seating

Posted on July 1, 2016 at 12:25 AM

Do you know where you will have your bridal party sit at the wedding reception? Should they sit at a table dedicated to them? Or mixed in with family and friends? There are a variety of seating options for them that you can use. The most popular and deemed as the most old fashiond, is to have a long table at the front of the ballroom which includes the bride, groom and the entire bridal party. This seating arrangment might have been popular in weddings of the past, but it is definitly making a big comeback today. These are a few ideas to consider when your thinking about the seating arrangement for your bridal party at your reception.

You can seat your bridal party with you at one long table. The bridesmaids can be on one side and the groomsman can be on the other side. Or you can seat them as alternating couples like when they walked down the aisle. This will create a picture perfect look for your pictures. Also, you can make two tables, one for the bridesmaids and one for the groomsman leaving the bride and groom at their own sweetheart table. If your bridal party are attending your wedding with guests, they will probably want to be seated with their guests. You can have your bridal party members sit with their guests at several tables or sprinkle them with other guests so they will still be sitting within their family, friends, etc. The main objective is to seat the members of your bridal party where they will be comfortable. It is best to let them sit with people that they know, especially if your friends don't know each other very well or if your bridal party brought guests. Pictures can always be taken at the reception venue together in many places such as outside in the gardens. Your photographer will know where and when to get the best shots. Ultimately, your pictures will not be affected by where the bridal party is seated.