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How To Host A Memorable Bridal Shower

Posted on July 3, 2016 at 4:25 PM

First of all, before you host a bridal shower you must know exactly what a bridal shower is so that it can be properly planned. Bridal showers originated long ago during the era of dowries. What happend was when a bride wanted to marry a man that was considered unsuitable by her parents, they refused to provide a dowry. Then the friends of the bride and groom would pitch in and provide items that would make up for the lack of dowry by helping the couple set up their home. Today, a bridal shower is a small party that is usually a fun, initmate celebratory occasion that allows family and close friends of the bride to spend time together before the wedding day. All of the guests "shower" the bride with gifts that will help her establish her home with the groom.

Ask the bride if she really wants a bridal shower.

Every bride is different and some women just don't like the attention or she may feel uncomfortable asking friends and family for more gifts. Keep in mind that the same people will have to bring another gift when they attend her wedding.

Who is supposed to host the bridal shower?

The Maid of Honor is supposed to host the bridal shower. In the past it was considered not etiquette for family members to host it as it was viewed as greedy for a family member to ask for gifts on behalf of their relative. In our culture today this is more acceptable. 

Who covers the costs for the bridal shower?

The host (MOH) usually covers the cost for the bridal shower. If it is an elaborate event she might consult with the other bridemaids about splitting the costs. If you do ask the other bridesmaides about any costs, do so at the beginning of the planning process so that they will feel included. Also, they should be asked to help decorate and set up the venue if needed.

Should the bride be included in the planning process?

Yes, unless it is a surprise shower! The bride should be included by providing her guest list and completing her bridal registry before the shower. The bride may want a particular theme or it thrown in a paticular place.

Where should the shower take place?

A bridal shower is usually givin in the home of the host. Now it is popular for bridal showers to be thrown at the brides' favorite restaurant, banquet hall, park, etc. A bridal shower can be thrown anywhere depending on how many guests are invited.

When are you supposed to have the bridal shower?

The bridal shower can be thrown anywhere between six months up until the week before the wedding. Planning to have it closer to the wedding day would be more sensible if you've invited guests that will be comming in from out of town. They can attend if they were comming in for the wedding and wouldn't have to make travel plans twice. Bridal showers are usually held in the afternoon or early evening.

Who do you invite to the bridal shower?

Do not invite anyone to the bridal shower that is not invited to the wedding! Invite close female relatives of the bride and groom, all of the women in the wedding party and any close friends of the bride. If you are not sure who to invite ask for the guest list. If it's a surprise bridal shower ask her mother or fiancé. 

What happens at a bridal shower?

The bulk of the bridal shower will be talking, playing games and eating food. The gifts can be opened by the bride closer to the end. You should write down the gift and the person who gave it on a list as she opens each present. This will make it easier when thank you cards have to be mailed out because you will know who gave each gift.

An Alternative to the Traditional Bachelorette Party

Posted on June 21, 2016 at 8:35 PM

A stereotypical bachelorette party is racy and raunchy and today most brides opt for other alternatives. There is a new trend where the bridal party, mother, grandmother and other friends plan an elegant event in the bride's honor.


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