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What To Include On Wedding Invitations: The Important Parts...

Posted on February 28, 2019 at 11:00 AM

1. The Host Line

The Invitation should begin with the names of the parties who are issuing the invite - traditionally it is the bride's parents.

(Note: The shifting of family structures and financial dynamics can sometimes make this part tricky so use the host that fits your situation)

2. The Request Line

There are two phrases that are important, one will indicate that the wedding will be in a house of worship and the other that it will not. Either way be sure to indicate if your guests are being invited to a wedding ceremony or a ceremony and reception.

3. Bride and Groom Lines

Since the bride and groom are the main point of the invitations their names are supposed to be set off on seperate lines. If the bride's last name is the same as her parents it isn't repeated an no title such as Miss or Ms. is included.

4. Date and Time

You don't have to indicate a.m. or p.m. or use phases like, "in the evening" unless the wedding will start at 8, 9 or 10 o'clock. Usually the year isn't printed either other than for the invitations keepsake value.

5. Location

If the house of worship or venue location is well known it is traditional not to include an exact adress but this is becomming less common today. No commas are used at the end of lines and spell out the state.  Example: Saint Paul's Luthern Church, Walkersville, Maryland

6. Reception Line or Card

If the ceremony and reception are being held at the same venue than they can be included on a single invitation. If not, than including a seperate card indicating so would be helpful. It is not acceptable to invite a person to the ceremony only, you must provide everyone with the same information including the ceremony and the reception.

7. R.S.V.P. Line or Card

Today brides usually include paper, an envelope and a stamp to encourage guests to respond to their invitations in a timely manner. It's not rude to omit this part but it may be risky if you need to know a definate head count. If the R.S.V.P. is written on the invitation it goes in the lower left corner. You can include a mailing adress, phone number, email or website. If you include a seperate card traditionally the fill-in-the-blank version should include the first letter of Mr. or Mrs. (M) or you can use a single line like, "Please let us know whether you will be joining us," and provide some additional space for writing.

8. Special Details 

It is courteous to inform your guests if they will not be recieving a full meal. You should indicate that it will be a cocktail or hors d'oeuvre reception. If you want to make it clear to your guests about dress code like black tie or casual attire, that information should be placed in the lower right corner or you can put it on the reception card. The only information that absolutely should never be printed anywhere on the wedding invitation or included as an insert should be any information about your registry!

Proper Etiquette For Wedding Thank You Cards

Posted on June 28, 2016 at 10:45 PM

This is one of the wedding duties that is often over looked because it comes after the wedding. All of your wedding guests, especially those who gave you a wedding gift, will be expecting a thank you in repsonse. It is proper wedding etiquette to send thank you cards in a timely manor. Remember that your response is a direct reflection on you.  There are wedding experts that recommend that all wedding thank you cards be sent out no later than three months of recieving the gift. I feel as though it should be sooner than that. The longer you wait the more special and heartfelt the thank you has to be. You don't want your guest to feel as though you were not  appreciative of recieveng their gift because it took a long time to recieve the thank you! To avoid this, I recommend that you set a schedule after the wedding that is dedicated to adressing the thank you cards and envelopes. Make sure to order the wedding thank you cards at the same time you order your wedding invitations. They will coordinate with your invitations and you will already have them on hand so that they can be adressed and mailed as soon as possible.

Wedding Invitations on a Budget

Posted on June 25, 2016 at 12:15 AM

When your wedding guests recieve your invitations, it is the first impression of the formality of your wedding. A lot of information is going to be conveyed through the wording and design of the invitations. Since there is a lot encompassed by a wedding invitation, you need to make sure that yours is as high quality and beautiful as it possibly can be. In this phase of of the wedding planning you have to get the most out of your budget that you can. Here are a few tips for purchasing wedding invitations on a budget.

- It is a fact that square evelopes are more expensive to mail. If possible choose rectangular shaped wedding invitations.

- Choose no more than two types of invitation fonts. The invitation will look better with just two and invitation companies charge more for the use of     multiple fonts.

- Use only one font color with a standard invitation font. Multiple colors will raise the price of your order. Invitation companies offer standard fonts       and specialty fonts for an additional charge. There is plenty to choose from from the standard font so that you can stay on budget.

- Do not choose engraved invitations. Engraving is the most expensive print method, choose something less expensive such as thermography or       letterpress. Also, laser cut designs cost more to print, instead choose a lace print designed printed on the invitation if desired.

- There are plenty of standard invitation paper choices that are still elegant and of high quality, do not choose imported or embedded papers. They     will be more expensive.

- Do not get an overlays for your invitations. Vellum, lace or satiny overlays are available for some invitations to provide extra design and color but     they also increase the cost.

- Review invitation wording templates on your wedding invitation company's website to make sure that you have the appropriate wording of your         invitations. Watch invitation wording etiquette rules like spelling out the hour. Review your invitations to make sure they are correct the first time.       One little error could require you having to submit the entire order again and your budget will take a serious hit!
- Allow yourself plenty of time, so order the invitations early so that you won't have to pay any rush fees. When you place your order only order 10%   more invitations than you really need. This way you'll have enough just in case of the following senarios; a few get lost in the mail, adress errors       and keepsakes.

- Check for any type of discounts from the invitation company such as for your thank you notes or menu cards when you order at the same time as     the wedding invitations. Look online for cupon code sites to save 10%, 20% or even more or for free shipping.

- Assemble one complete wedding invitation packet with all of the inserts enclosed but do not seat it. Take it to the post office and have it weighed     for accurate postage for the inner and outer envelopes. This is the most important step that can't be over looked. You do not want to have 200         invitations returned or undelivered for insufficient postage when it could have been avoided!